Product portfolio

Find out more about our growing range of HAPTICORE rotary encoders. Select your product choice below for more technical information, drawings, and additional documentation. If you are not sure which product fits your requirements, press the “Compare” button to get a full portfolio overview.  Mounting and cover attachment mechanisms and electrical interfaces can be customized to fit your product design. Should your application have special requirements, not listed or exceeding the listed specifications, please reach out to us.

Product terminology

The HAPTICORE product portfolio is divided into two product families.

Within each family, we differentiate our products based on three aspects. The indicated diameter refers to the diameter of the MRF chamber and determines the product line. It is important to note that this diameter does not necessarily reflect the diameter of the product as the push mechanism or additional mounting brackets can widen the total diameter of the product.

RK (rotary knob) or TW (thumbwheel) indicates the mounting position of the product.

Within each product line, we distinguish between three performance categories. The performance category is determined based on one or multiple criteria such as max. barrier torque, IP rating, operating life, or temperature resistance.