Safety and intuitiveness, even in highly demanding environments

The HAPTICORE 40 is our high-performance rotary encoder for industrial machinery and heavy-duty applications. It provides strong haptic feedback for whole hand or even gloved operation.

Its extra robust design and reinforced shaft ensure safe operation even in highly demanding environments and applications such as industrial machinery.

HAPTICORE 40 key features

Extra strong

Maximum barrier torque of >1.4 Nm at 1 A coil current

Durable design

Optimized for highly demanding environments

Custom covers

HAPTICORE 40 can be equipped with custom covers

Integrated push

HAPTICORE 40 provides an integrated push function

HAPTICORE 40 products


Extra strong haptic feedback

With a maximum barrier torque of more than 1.4 Nm at 1 A coil current, the HAPTICORE 40 is currently our strongest encoder and thus equipped for highly demanding applications.

No matter whether exposed to vibrations or shocks or when operated with gloves, thanks to a reinforced metal shaft and a lifetime of up to 1 million revolutions, the HAPTICORE 40 ensures long-lasting safety, intuitiveness, and precision for your HMI.

Push function

All HAPTICORE 40 products include a push function. The push is detected via the 3D hall sensor within the encoder’s shaft.

Using different dome switches, you have the possibility to adjust the characteristics of the push. If you prefer to use HAPTICORE solely as a rotary encoder, the push function can also be removed.

Cover design & mounting

Regarding the fastening of the cover, we rely on the feedback of our customers. Therefore, a plugged connection has become the standard for the HAPTICORE 40 encoder. However, at your request, the cover can also be fastened by screws to provide easier access to the inside of the machine for maintenance work after the removal of the HAPTICORE.

The cover material and surface finish can be freely selected. The recommended cover diameter for the HAPTICORE 40 is 48 mm.

Do you already have a cover design? Get in touch with us. Our customer integration team will be happy to discuss the possibilities for adapting the mounting mechanism to your requirements.

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