Our patented MRF technology provides a revolutionary haptic control experience with real-time feedback: intuitive, accurate, fast and personalized!

Reinventing user experience

Our game changing HAPTICORE controller unites all the benefits of a mechanical rotary with a freely programmable haptic device. Thereby it generates real, mechanical haptic feedback, all based on software.

From now on, everything you do will be much more intuitive. With its products, XeelTech combines the visual, acoustic and haptic senses in a revolutionary way to ensure that your attention is where you need it.

Intuitive Operation

Through a wide range of individual, haptic feedback of the HAPTICORE controller, you can feel which function is currently being performed without having to rely on visual displays. Providing different haptic patterns for different menus, the user can navigate through the system without being distracted from what he is actually doing. The result is a safer, faster and more convenient user experience.

Full Flexibility

The rotary can be mounted horizontally or vertically, giving you the chance to develop your product exactly how you need it to be designed. The mechanical mounting points of the stator and the surface of the rotary device can be customized towards your needs. The haptic feedback can be freely programmed in our own software.

Fully Customizable

Customers can configure the HAPTICORE controller according to their needs and wishes. Functions can be switched on and off (e.g. child lock) and the haptic feedback can also be set individually for every person. This configuration can be downloaded or synchronized between different divices.

Energy Efficient

The HAPTICORE controller element is designed for efficient energy usage. With its low power consumption it is possible to operate the device fully on a recharcheable battery.

Small and Lightweight

Minimal size, maximum possibilities: Eventhough HAPTICORE provides a revolutionary user expierience, our product portfolio is similar in size to similar traditional rotaries. This allows for integration without the need for major changes to your product hardware.


For ensuring the highest quality standards, the system is tailored and tested towards your requirements – whether it’s millions of rotations, a wide temperature range, IP-ratings or any other combination of quality criteria.

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About XeelTech

XeelTech GmbH combines the innovation power of MRF technology with know-how in industrialization and mass manufacturing, resulting in next generation haptics. The company is located in St. Anton im Montafon, Austria.

XEELTECH is the new joint venture of INVENTUS and STIWA

XeelTech combines the innovative power of the development company INVENTUS in MRF technologies with the know-how in mass production and industrialization of the high-performance and production automation specialist STIWA.


  • 50% Stake
  • Research and development (R&D)
  • Intellectual property (IP)
  • 50% Stake
  • Production
  • Industrialization

One face to the customer 

The company is located in St. Anton im Montafon, Austria and distributes the MRF-technologies to customers all around the world. One strong and competent partner for all needs. From information to integration and support.



Phone: +43 5552 93081-0
Fax: +43 5552 93081-9300

XeelTech GmbH
Hausnummer 181
6771 St. Anton im Montafon

Legal form: Limited liability company
FN 522245 h, Regional Court of Feldkirch

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