HAPTICORE Applications

Use cases for our rotary haptic actuators

The flexibility of our HAPTICORE technology makes it ideal for HMIs across a wide range of industries. Together with our customers, we integrate haptic feedback into user interfaces in various applications such as consumer products, equipment for professionals, industrial machinery, off-highway vehicles, medical devices, and more.

Image of the HAPTICORE product portfolio, our rotary haptic actuators with freely programmable haptic feedback. From left to right: HAPTICORE 40-P001X1, HAPTICORE 34-P001X3, HAPTICORE 34-P001X2, HAPTICORE 34-P001X1, and the HAPTICORE 14-P001X1, our smallest haptic actuator.
The picture shows a couple preparing a dish together at the stove in the kitchen.

Household Appliances

Whether in the stove, in the oven, or in the washing machine – with our HAPTICORE rotary haptic actuators and freely programmable haptic feedback, operating your household appliances has never been easier. And even with wet or dirty hands, your user interface remains easy to use.

Consumer Electronics

Our HAPTICORE rotary haptic actuators can be integrated into a wide range of consumer electronics devices. We have taken into account the specific industry requirements regarding performance specifications and at the same time developed a cost-effective product lineup.

Computer Peripherals

Designed for applications where the available installation space is small, our smallest HAPTICORE rotary haptic actuators offer intricate haptic feedback for increased intuitiveness and immersion. And thanks to maximum energy efficiency, we even enable battery-powered use.

Meet the Razer Naga V2 Pro

The Razer Naga V2 Pro introduces fully customizable haptics of the scroll wheel thanks to the new Razer™ HyperScroll Pro Wheel powered by XeelTech.

Audio, DJ & Lighting Equipment

When the environment is loud and full of visual stimuli, an excellent user interface is essential. Especially in the event and concert industry, our HAPTICORE actuators ensure precise and reliable operation.

Construction & Off-Highway Vehicles

Sealed against dust and mud and optimized for harsh environments, we offer intuitive operation through freely programmable haptic feedback even for the most demanding environments – whether off-road, in construction vehicles, or remote controls.

Industrial Machinery

We produce according to the highest standards and with quality made in Austria. We are industry-proven and provide strong haptic feedback for the easy operation of complex industrial machine HMIs, even when operated with gloves.

KEBA: Our exclusive partner for industrial machinery

KEBA is one of the leading manufacturers of mobile and stationary operating devices for industrial machinery. With the KeWheel, KEBA combines years of experience and innovative technology to bring adaptive haptic feedback, powered by XeelTech, to particularly demanding applications.

Medical Devices

HAPTICORE is an extraordinary rotary haptic actuator with programmable haptic feedback, specifically designed to provide secure, effortless, and intuitive control of HMIs in consumer electronics. Its versatility and adaptability make it a game-changer, allowing developers to create customized haptic feedback patterns that enhance the user experience like never before. With HAPTICORE, interacting with electronic devices becomes a truly immersive and satisfying experience.

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