Enter the world of freely programmable software-controlled haptic feedback

Bring software-controlled haptic force feedback into your product. Make your HMI controls smart and ready for the future, whether you use our rotary haptic actuators as a smart rotary switch, scroll wheel, slider, or adaptive trigger.

Benefit from more than 20 years of experience of our engineering team, compressed in our HAPTICORE software solutions. Easily generate new haptic feedback patterns, perfectly tailored to your products and your customer’s preferences.

With our software-controlled technology, any haptic feedback pattern can be created for a more intuitive and tailored user experience. The rotation angles, rotation resistance, number, and strength of ticks per rotation can be combined and customized to your needs. But the HAPTICORE can not only adapt its haptic feedback pattern but also the feel of every haptic sensation can be adjusted via software.

Three laptops running the HAPTICORE demonstration & design tools for freely programmable haptic feedback of the rotary haptic actuators. On the left is the Haptics Generator, the drag & drop haptic design application, in the middle the HAPTICORE Xperience demonstration software with haptic examples & further test functions, and on the right the Customer Test App, allowing the user to adjust all parameters of the haptic feedback.

Discover our demonstration & design software tools

The image shows an excerpt of the available haptic feedback patterns in the HAPTICORE Xperience, our haptic feedback demonstration software.


Discover all facets of freely programmable haptic feedback with our demo software.

The image shows an excerpt of the available features and settings of the HAPTICORE Customer Test App.

Customer Test App

Modify all haptic feedback parameters for the development of your prototype projects.

The image shows an excerpt of the haptic feedback curve of the HAPTICORE Haptics Generator, the drag & drop haptics design tool.

Haptics Generator

Create intricate haptic sensations the way you like by simply dragging a curve.

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HAPTICORE haptic feedback examples


Customize the number of ticks per rotation, spacing, and each tick’s strength.

Soft tick

Medium tick

Rough tick


The HAPTICORE allows you to adapt the rotary’s rotation range to each interaction by placing barriers at desired angles (e.g., +/- 90°). These barriers can be combined with other haptic modes to create navigations patterns that amplify your user interfaces’ intuitiveness.


Barrier with ticks

Rotation resistance

Increase the force required to turn the HAPTICORE controller. Customers in many industries associate knobs with higher resistance with quality. With our rotary, you can customize the torque required to turn the knob to your customers’ expectations.

Low resistance 

Medium resistance 

High resistance 

Speed adaptive feedback

HAPTICORE can adapt the haptic pattern not only to the application requirements but also to real-time user behavior by adjusting the haptic feedback based on the rotation speed.

Speed adaptive feedback 1

Speed adaptive feedback 2

Clockwise / Counterclockwise

Free rotation in one direction and a full rotation lock in the other, regardless of position.



Contrasting directional scrolling

The HAPTICORE can create different haptic feedback patterns in either direction. Any combination of ticks, barriers, or free rotation is possible.

Contrasting directional feedback 1

Contrasting directional feedback 2


Your entry into the world of fully programmable software-controlled haptic feedback

The HAPTICORE Xperience software is your first step into the world of software-controlled haptics. Experience a haptic WOW effect when you use the Xperience application with our HAPTICORE Eval Kits.

  • Plug & play software solution for our HAPTICORE Eval Kits
  • Basic and advanced modes for an easy start
  • Configurator function for customized haptic feedback
Notebook, running the HAPTICORE Xperience demonstration software to test various haptic feedback patterns with your rotary haptic actuator.

Customer Test App

Your software design suite for next-gen haptic feedback

Products today offer its user more and more features. As a result, it is of the highest importance to provide your customers with a user interface that is easy and intuitive to use – even in a complex situation.

HAPTICORE is the input device that allows you to add controls with custom haptic feedback, perfectly tailored to every interaction.

With the HAPTICORE Customer Test App, you have full control and can fine-tune the dynamic touch-sensory feedback exactly the way you like for the user experience you are looking for.

Notebook, running the HAPTICORE Customer Test App, our comprehensive design tool to adjust all parameters of the freely programmable haptic feedback of your rotary haptic actuator.

Haptics Generator

Our software tool to perfectly fine-tune every haptic sensation

The Haptics Generator provides you with an easier overview thanks to graphic visualization of the haptic feedback. Additionally, you can fine-tune each haptic sensation thanks to the simple drag & drop feature.

And since the Haptics Generator is compatible with the Customer Test App, you can even combine your settings with other haptic functions. This way you can create intricate haptic feedback patterns in just a few steps.

Illustration of a notebook running the HAPTICORE Haptics Generator software, which graphically displays haptic feedback and allows the user to customize tactile feedback by moving points.

Try our rotary haptic actuators now!


Experience the immersive haptic feedback of our actuators firsthand with the HAPTICORE Eval Kits.

Integrate our haptic actuators into your prototype projects, replace conventional control elements, and go beyond the limitations of traditional UI design.

Image of the HAPTICORE Eval Kits, our evaluation & development kits, consisting of a rotary haptic actuator, mounted in a metal stand and equipped with a metal cover to use the HAPTICORE 14 as a scroll wheel and the HAPTICORE 40 as a rotary switch.


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