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Years of experience and customer feedback went into our newest haptic rotary actuator, the HAPTICORE 19. With its incredibly small form factor, strong haptic feedback, and extensive customization options, it’s the perfect choice for a wide range of applications.

Key features

Typical Applications

Home Appliances, DJ & Lighting Equipment, Consumer Electronics

Haptic feedback performance

The HAPTICORE 19 generates strong haptic feedback and is designed for 2-3 finger operation.

Mounting options / recess levels

The actuator features a single mounting point with different recess levels

Min. coil driver supply voltage

The HAPTICORE 19 requires 12 V for tick & barrier modes or 5 V for tick modes.

Cover design and push function

For an optimal overall haptic experience, the recommended cover diameter is 26 to 40 mm. In addition, the actuator is equipped with an integrated push function.

Thanks to its compact design combined with strong haptic feedback, optimized for 2-3 finger operation, the HAPTICORE 19 is more versatile than any other rotary haptic actuator.

With different installation depths, customizable covers, and access to all haptic feedback modes from ticks to barriers to adaptive modes such as speed adaptivity, it is the perfect choice to make the operation of your HMI simple, safe, and intuitive.

The HAPTICORE 19 incorporates years of experience and extensive customer feedback. As a result, it is our most advanced rotary haptic actuator ever. Moreover, the haptic actuator opens up completely new application areas and is far more than just a rotary knob.

Experience our latest addition to the HAPTICORE product portfolio for yourself and get in touch with us. We will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have about integrating the HAPTICORE 19 and adaptive haptic feedback into your product.

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