Perfectly combining
visual and haptic feedback

Years of experience and exchanges with partners and customers have proven repeatedly: A truly intuitive HMI needs to be designed holistically and appeal to multiple senses. To address this challenge and offer our customers a single, compact, and fully customizable input device, we developed the HAPTICORE smart knob.

Experience the best
of both worlds

What awaits you

The HAPTICORE smart knob is the perfect combination of our rotary haptic actuators and a touchscreen and brings together visual and tactile stimuli, making the interaction with your device simple, safe, and intuitive.

Key features

All-in-one solution

The HAPTICORE smart knob combines visual and haptic feedback in one device for even more intuitive human-machine interaction.

Stationary center

The gear mechanism of the HAPTICORE smart knob provides sufficient space for either a display, a touch screen, or other operating technologies such as a capacitive surface or backlit buttons.

Customizable cover

The cover of the HAPTICORE smart knob is fully customizable and can thus be seamlessly integrated into your existing product design. Our customer integration team will be happy to advise you in choosing the right cover diameter & material.

Custom haptics

As all HAPTICORE rotary haptic actuators, the haptic feedback of the smart knob is freely customizable and can be precisely tuned to each individual menu level.

Optional add-ons

The HAPTICORE smart knob offers several options to integrate additional haptic technologies such as voice coil actuators. Here you can rely on the expertise of our Haptics Alliance partners.

How it works

The HAPTICORE smart knob is based on a HAPTICORE 14 actuator and a gear mechanism, connecting the rotary haptic actuator to an outer ring with the knobs cover. Depending on the selected gear ratio, enough space is available for either a touch display or backlit buttons. Additionally, the smart knob can be used as a standalone, portable input device using an integrated battery.

As soon as the cover of the smart knob is turned, the rotation is transferred to the HAPTICORE actuator. Using a Hall sensor, the rotation of the actuator is detected in real-time. Depending on the situation and the selected menu, the systematic manipulation of the HAPTICORE´s rotation creates haptic feedback tailored to the specific setting.

Adaptive haptic feedback

Like all HAPTICORE haptic rotary actuators, the HAPTICORE smart knob offers freely programmable haptic feedback, only with the use of software.

In addition, the gear mechanism can even increase the maximum torque and thus the perceptible haptic feedback.* This way, the device generates haptic feedback for an operation with two to three fingers, although the integrated HAPTICORE 14 rotary haptic actuator is designed for one-finger use as a thumb or scroll wheel.

*The maximum torque is not only influenced by the transmission ratio but also by the cover diameter used.

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