The perfect fit for almost any application

Experience the HAPTICORE 34 – the all-rounder in our product portfolio. Thanks to its customizable design and its wide performance range, the HAPTICORE 34 can be used in almost any application.

Designed for multi-finger to full-hand operation, our HAPTICORE 34 actuators generate strong haptic force feedback for a more intuitive and secure operation.
We currently offer the HAPTICORE 34 in a range of predefined configurations with different mounting depths and performance characteristics. These have been developed in close cooperation with our customers to cover a wide range of applications from consumer electronics to off-highway vehicles.

HAPTICORE 34 key features

Highly versatile

HAPTICORE 34 offers various customization options

Mounting depths

HAPTICORE 34 provides adjustable mounting depths

Custom covers

HAPTICORE 34 is suitable for custom covers (Ø 44-57 mm)

Integrated Push

HAPTICORE 34 provides an integrated push function

Highly versatile

We offer our HAPTICORE 34 in a variety of configurations. This allows us to address a wide range of applications with a single product family, offering you cost-effective solutions for applications such as household appliances, as well as high-performance products with a maximum barrier torque of up to 0.9 Nm at 1 A coil current for construction and off-highway vehicles.

No matter whether total revolutions, operating temperature range, or base and barrier torque, choose from our existing and constantly growing product portfolio, or get in touch with us to discuss a custom solution for your application.

Various mounting depths

No two products are alike. But haptic feedback adds simplicity and intuitiveness to almost any HMI. That’s why we designed the HAPTICORE 34 to provide various mounting depths. This way, you make ideal use of the available installation space.

Take a look at our available HAPTICORE 34 configurations or get in touch with us. Together we will find the perfect configuration to integrate HAPTICORE into your product.

Customizable covers

Thanks to customizable covers, the appearance of the HAPTICORE 34 is as unique as your product. A wide variety of materials such as metal, plastic, or a rubberized surface not only ensure a custom design, but also provide an even more unique haptic user experience with smooth, ribbed, or waved textures.

In addition, you can adapt the cover diameter to match the encoder even more specifically to your product design. The recommended cover diameter for the HAPTICORE 34 is 44 to 57 mm. The cover can be either fastened by screws or plugged to ensure a robust connection to the device and optimal transmission of the haptic feedback.

Do you already have a cover design? We are happy to adapt to your current fastening mechanism. Our customer integration team will be happy to assist you in selecting the right cover for your HAPTICORE encoder.

Push function

All HAPTICORE 34 products include a push function. The push is detected via the 3D hall sensor within the encoder’s shaft.

Using different dome switches, you have the possibility to adjust the characteristics of the push. If you prefer to use HAPTICORE solely as a rotary encoder, the push function can also be removed.

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