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HAPTICORE is our smart rotary haptic actuator with fully programmable haptic feedback only with the use of software. HAPTICORE provides perfectly tailored haptic feedback for every user interaction with your product – making the user experience more intuitive, simple, and safe.

Learn more about our HAPTICORE technology & how it works

Unlike other haptic actuators, our HAPTICORE rotary haptic actuators do not rely on piezo, rumble, or motor technologies. The secret behind our programmable haptic feedback lies in so-called MR Materials (MR Fluid & MR Powder), smart materials consisting of fine, magnetizable particles (typically iron) whose rheological properties change through the application of a magnetic field.

By precisely manipulating the magnetic field within our actuators through our software solutions, we are able to generate intricate haptic feedback patterns. This allows us not only to simulate the mechanical haptic feedback of traditional input devices such as rotary & cam switches, levers, scroll wheels, trigger buttons, or sliders but also to create completely new user interface designs by adapting the tactile feedback in real time.

Learn more about our HAPTICORE technology & how it works

We have designed our HAPTICORE rotary haptic actuators to be used in a wide range of applications. To meet the requirements of your industry and to make the best use of the available installation space, we offer various HAPTICORE actuators with different sizes, designs, and performance characteristics.

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For additional ideas on how freely programmable haptic feedback can make your HMI easier, safer, and more intuitive to use, check out our HAPTICORE Inspirations to find application examples and innovative integration solutions.

Haptic feedback must be felt to be understood. That’s why we offer HAPTICORE Eval Kits to test our technology and experience HAPTICORE firsthand.

While our info material, technical specifications, or demonstration videos provide you with a good idea of what our technology is capable of, nothing comes close to experiencing HAPTICORE technology firsthand. Therefore, we offer you HAPTICORE Eval Kits that allow you to try and test our revolutionary rotary haptic actuators.

The HAPTICORE Eval Kit includes the HAPTICORE haptic actuator in a plug & play test setup as well as access to our demonstration application, firmware, and software library, as well as extensive documentation and video tutorials. This way you can integrate the HAPTICORE technology in your prototypes or product mockups, create custom haptic patterns, and test it in use case conditions.

Learn more about our HAPTICORE Eval Kits and HAPTICORE Software Solutions

HAPTICORE is based on 20 years of research and development. We put all our experience into our HAPTICORE Software Solutions to give you the possibility to create own haptic feedback patterns.

This way you can easily change the rotation angles, the rotation resistance, the number and strength of ticks per revolution of the encoder or combine different modes to make the operation of your HMI even more intuitive, easy, and safe.


Plug & Play demonstration software to experience all facets of our HAPTICORE actuators

HAPTICORE Customer Test App

Extensive haptic feedback pattern design tool, allowing you to modify all parameters and live access to all sensor data and the data log

HAPTICORE Haptics Generator

Easy-to-use haptics design tool to create your ideal tick mode in just a few steps

The integration of our HAPTICORE technology includes not only the haptic actuator itself but also the creation of custom haptic feedback modes and precise alignment to your system as well as electrical and firmware integration into your product.

To create an ideal user experience for your customers, our Customer Integration Team supports you from evaluation to serial production and is available to you throughout the entire process.

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With our HAPTICORE technology, you can rely on quality made in Austria.

While XeelTech is responsible for the integration of the HAPTICORE technology into your product, our rotary haptic actuators are manufactured at our parent company STIWA, specialized in mass production and industrialization of high-performance and production automation.

With STIWA as our reliable production partner, we manufacture our HAPTICORE products as close as possible to our customers and can thus for example also produce at the STIWA site in China.

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Founded in 2019, XeelTech GmbH provides its revolutionary adaptive technologies in the fields of motion control systems and haptic feedback solutions to international customers. XeelTech, founded as a joint venture, builds on a strong foundation of its parent companies, the STIWA Group and INVENTUS Holding GmbH.

XeelTech combines the innovative power of the research and development company INVENTUS with the know-how in mass production and industrialization of the high-performance and production automation specialist STIWA. In addition to the headquarter in Vorarlberg, Austria, the company operates its own engineering office in Upper Austria and a distribution office in cooperation with STIWA in China.

XeelTech develops, manufactures, and distributes its patented technologies to international customers in various industries, including automotive, white goods, medical technology, health care, consumer electronics, and smart devices. With the product lines, HAPTICORE – rotary haptic actuators with freely programmable haptic feedback – and RHEOSHOX – real-time adaptive damping system – XeelTech is an innovation driver and pursues the vision to become the global leader in adaptive technologies.

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