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About us

Who we are

XeelTech GmbH was founded in 2019 as a joint venture of STIWA GROUP and INVENTUS Holding GmbH. We specialize in the distribution and serial integration of our haptic feedback devices (HAPTICORE) and motion and vibration control systems (RHEOSHOX) to customers around the world.

Together we create revolutionary adaptive technologies, applicable in a wide range of industries, from computer peripherals to white goods, industrial equipment, and many more.

In XeelTech, we combine the years of experience, know-how, resources, development, and production facilities of our two parent companies with the dynamic and fast-paced culture of a startup. This allows us to be agile and flexible in our customer projects and at the same time ensures the highest level of quality and production capacity.

The idea

XeelTech products are all about adaptivity. Our two brands “HAPTICORE” and “RHEOSHOX” embody this quality in very different ways, but the secret to both lies in our expertise in MRM technologies.

In 2019, XeelTech launched HAPTICORE with the goal to revolutionize the way people interact with machines and devices. Our HAPTICORE technology combines the flexibility of virtual controls with a tangible control element through our fully programmable haptic feedback. Creating a user interface that adapts perfectly to every interaction.

RHEOSHOX is the latest addition to the XeelTech portfolio. With its launch in August 2021, we set out to deliver unrivaled adaptivity and performance to conventional damping applications and bring a game-changing technology to new use cases.

Our Mentality

At XeelTech, we want to challenge the norm, think differently and encourage our customers to drive their products to new heights.

We believe that this means to look beyond the obvious, rethink what has become standard, and make room for creativity and innovation.

This mentality not only shapes how we create new products but also builds the foundation of how we interact with customers and work together as a team.

Photo of our HAPTICORE customer support team member introducing a visitor at the XeelTech booth to our rotary haptic feedback actuatos.



XeelTech combines the innovative power of the research and development company INVENTUS in MRM technologies with the know-how in mass production and industrialization of the high-performance and production automation specialist STIWA.

Their joined expertise allows us to design and produce our HAPTICORE products to the highest quality standards.



XeelTech Headquarter


XeelTech Engineering Office


Distribution Center China

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News & Events

XeelTech brings smart haptic feedback into Razer’s new gaming mouse – Naga V2 Pro

The Razer Naga V2 Pro introduces programmable haptic feedback of the scroll wheel thanks to the Razer™ HyperScroll Pro Wheel powered by XeelTech.

HAPTICORE in kitchen applications

Make operating your kitchen appliances simple, safe, and intuitive – with HAPTICORE, our rotary haptic feedback actuators.

HAPTICORE 3 Zone Scroll Wheel

The HAPTICORE 3-zone scroll wheel combines our haptic feedback technology and capacitive sensors for an even more intuitive menu navigation.


Experience the haptic feedback of our rotary haptic actuators with our HAPTICORE Arcade, our retro style tech demo.