Haptics Generator

Design your own haptic feedback patterns

Explore the HAPTICORE Haptics Generator, the perfect tool to create custom haptic feedback patterns for our smart rotary haptic actuators. With our easy-to-use haptic software, you can create your ideal tick mode in just a few steps. Start now and fine-tune any sensation to your personal preferences.

Illustration of a notebook running the HAPTICORE Haptics Generator software, which graphically displays haptic feedback and allows the user to customize tactile feedback by moving points.

Key features

Graphical visualization

Graphical visualization for simple modeling of complex haptic feedback patterns.

Drag & Drop modification

Drag the curve at predefined selection points to easily create complex haptic feedback.

Custom haptics

Customize and fine-tune individual haptic feedback sensations for both the forward and backward rotation behavior.

Import & Export

Import and export files to easily share creations with your team. Or export all configurations as C source code to integrate them into the firmware.

Compatible with CTA

Combine the Haptics Generator settings with other haptic feedback functions using the Customer Test App.

Graphical visualization of haptic feedback

The graphical visualization makes it easy to model complex haptic patterns. Adjust the haptic feedback of your HAPTICORE by simply dragging the curve.

And with the ability to customize and fine-tune individual haptic sensations, you can create the perfect feel for your device. Create custom haptic feedback modes according to your preference – whether it’s rough, fine, distinct, or subtle.

Forward and backward rotation behavior

The Haptics Generator allows you to adjust the forward and backward rotation behavior of your haptic actuator.

Or use the velocity compensation function to modify the strength of the haptic feedback based on the rotation speed.

Export & import function for haptics settings

Once you’ve created your custom haptic patterns, you can easily transfer them to your HAPTICORE device for testing. Or export them as C source code to integrate them into the firmware.

You can easily share your creations with your colleagues, or combine your settings with other haptic functions, by importing them into the Customer Test App.

Try our rotary haptic actuators now!


Experience the immersive haptic feedback of our actuators firsthand with the HAPTICORE Eval Kits.

Integrate our haptic actuators into your prototype projects, replace conventional control elements, and go beyond the limitations of traditional UI design.

Image of the HAPTICORE Eval Kits, our evaluation & development kits, consisting of a rotary haptic actuator, mounted in a metal stand and equipped with a metal cover to use the HAPTICORE 14 as a scroll wheel and the HAPTICORE 40 as a rotary switch.

Frequently asked questions

You can find the HAPTICORE Haptics Generator in our Download Center as a bundle with our other software solutions and detailed documentation.

Visit the Download Center

The HAPTICORE Haptics Generator is available to you free of charge. However, please note that by downloading and using our software solutions, you agree to the terms and conditions stated in the Software License Agreement – Eval Kits for downloading, using, and running our software.

Here you can find the Software License Agreement – Eval Kits

In the Download Center, you will find our software bundle, including all our haptic software applications and extensive documentation.

After downloading and unzipping the folder, you will find the standalone executable in the “Software” subfolder. However, in order to use the Haptics Generator with your HAPTICORE Eval Kit, you first need to connect the Eval Kit and the Control Unit to your computer. To do this, follow the instructions in the HAPTICORE Quickstart Guide, which you will also find in the downloaded folder.

Visit the Download Center

The Haptics Generator software works with all our HAPTICORE Eval Kits. Please note that you will need a HAPTICORE Control Unit to set up the evaluation kit. An overview of our available HAPTICORE Eval Kit Bundles including our rotary haptic actuators and the HAPTICORE Control Unit Pro can be found at our Eval Kit shop.

Visit our webshop and get your HAPTICORE Eval Kit

If you have any questions, problems, or feedback about our Haptics Generator or other HAPTICORE software solutions, please visit our support section. Here you will find FAQs, useful downloads, and tutorials.

Do you have a specific question to which you haven’t found an answer? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly via support@xeeltech.com.

Minimum system requirements

  • Windows 7 or newer
  • .NET Framework 4.6 installed on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 (preinstalled on Windows 10)

Whatever haptic modes you want to create, we have the tools you need

Notebook, running the HAPTICORE Xperience demonstration software to test various haptic feedback patterns with your rotary haptic actuator.


Discover all facets of freely programmable haptic feedback with our easy-to-use demo software.

Notebook, running the HAPTICORE Customer Test App, our comprehensive design tool to adjust all parameters of the freely programmable haptic feedback of your rotary haptic actuator.

Customer Test App

Modify all haptic feedback parameters for the development of your prototype projects.

Illustration of a notebook running the HAPTICORE Haptics Generator software, which graphically displays haptic feedback and allows the user to customize tactile feedback by moving points.

Haptics Generator

Create intricate haptic sensations the way you like by simply dragging a curve.

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