Banner image showing the HAPTICORE 14 rotary haptic actuator with and without the cradle that holds the device in its horizontal orientation as a thumbwheel.


Discover our smallest rotary haptic actuators

With a diameter of 14 mm and a weight of only 8.2 grams, our HAPTICORE 14 products are our smallest rotary haptic actuators so far. They are primarily designed as a thumbwheel. However, thanks to variable cover and gearing options, you can use them in a variety of applications, e.g. as an adaptive trigger, a haptic scroll wheel, or a slider.

The HAPTICORE 14 is designed for single-finger operation and the low base torque of less than 1mNm ensures comfortable operation, even during long-term usage.

HAPTICORE 14 key features

Small form factor

HAPTICORE 14 is our smallest actuator
(Ø 14 mm / 8.2 g)

Thumb wheel design

HAPTICORE 14 is designed as a thumb wheel

Wireless Operation

HAPTICORE 14 is optimized for battery & USB powered devices

Custom covers

HAPTICORE 14 is suitable for custom covers (Ø 17-30 mm)

Optional Push / Tilt

HAPTICORE 14 can be equipped with a push / tilt function

Available HAPTICORE 14 Products



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Thumb wheel design

The HAPTICORE 14 is designed as a thumb wheel and despite its small diameter of 14 mm and its weight of just 8.2 grams contains the entire electronics and sensory system (hall sensor and magnetic ring).

For secure mounting, the HAPTICORE 14 is fixed in a cradle, which can be adapted to the available space within your product.

HAPTICORE 14-P001X1, our smallest rotary haptic actuator with a diameter of only 14 mm, designed for applications such as computer peripherals, consumer electronics, and smart home appliances.

Push & tilt function

Our HAPTICORE 14 rotary haptic actuators themself do not provide an integrated push function. However, this push function can be integrated by adding optional switches to the mounting mechanism.

Furthermore, also a tilt function can be added. This way, the HAPTICORE 14 actuators offer you various possibilities for your multi-layered UI design.

The image shows the HAPTICORE 14-P001X1 rotary haptic actuator, mounted horizontally as a thumb wheel in a cradle.

Battery powered use

Whether stationary or mobile, the HAPTICORE 14 brings increased precision and efficiency to any application through freely programmable haptic feedback.

With the HAPTICORE 14, we have perfected the power consumption of our actuators to produce strong haptic feedback with only 5 V of power supply. This allows you to integrate it even into battery-powered devices, such as remote controls, handheld devices, and computer peripherals.

The image shows the HAPTICORE 14-P001X1 from a side view, providing a good overview of the entire outer casing with the additional side bearing point for operation as a thumb roller, the three screw points for cover attachment, and the adapter to plug in the connection cable.
The image shows the HAPTICORE 14-P001X1 rotary haptic actuator, mounted horizontally as a thumb wheel in a cradle.

Haptic feedback & cover design

With a low base torque of < 1mNm and a maximum barrier torque of > 12 mNm at 400 mA coil current, the HAPTICORE 14 offers pleasant and highly accurate haptic feedback for single-finger operation.

In addition to the performance indicators, also the cover’s texture is crucial for the perceived haptics. The cover material and surface finish can be freely selected. The recommended cover diameter for the HAPTICORE 14 is 17 to 30 mm.

Our customer integration team will be happy to assist you in selecting the right cover and fine-tuning the haptic feedback.

The image shows the front view of the HAPTICORE 14-P001X1 and thus provides a good view of the three screw points to attach custom covers so that the rotary haptic actuator fits seamlessly into the product design.

Cover mounting

The HAPTICORE 14 includes 3 lashes with screw points for easy and secure cover attachment. In addition to this fastening mechanism, other variants are possible.

Please contact our customer integration team for further information.

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