The HAPTICORE arcade – tech demo with retro flair!

So simple, yet so fascinating – the HAPTICORE Arcade makes not only video gamer’s eyes shine

This year, we wanted to start with the release of a completely new technology demonstrator, the HAPTICORE Arcade, which takes classic video gaming to a whole new level. And we are convinced: as our ultimate eye-catcher, the HAPTICORE Arcade would have attracted several curious visitors at CES 2022.

However, with an eye on the rapidly rising Covid-19 infections in early January, we decided not to attend the international trade show in person and present our adaptive technologies at our digital booth instead. As a result, the premiere of our Arcade has been slightly delayed. But now it´s time to get ready for the most immersive retro gaming experience you’ve ever had!

When the tech demonstration turns into a thrilling match

The HAPTICORE Arcade impressively demonstrates the capabilities of our smart rotary encoders. While the first few seconds of the classic video game might seem banal, this impression immediately changes when the underground of the playground changes for the first time and you notice: this is no normal retro game console.

Wondering what that means? The haptic feedback of our HAPTICORE rotary encoders can be adjusted just by using software. This allows us to generate ticks, barriers, or even full lockouts. For the retro game, we adjusted the encoders in a way that you can feel the surface you’re moving over directly in your fingers. Every 30 seconds, the surface of the game changes – from classic mode to the desert, rocky planes, icy tundra, and more. With each surface, we alter the haptic feedback and with it the input behavior of the HAPTICORE – giving you a completely new and more challenging gameplay experience.

Every now and then, the background of the game and thus the haptic feedback of the controllers changes, making the gaming experience even more intense.

And even though the perceptible crunching sand, soft grass, and rough rocks are already impressive, they are only the beginning. And as soon as you’re on the icy surface, which entirely changes the familiar controls, the technical demonstration turns into a challenging match.

One device, unlimited different haptic feedback patterns

And yet, the HAPTICORE Arcade only reveals a first glimpse of the huge potential of our smart rotary encoders and makes use of only a rather small and simple selection of the infinite software-based haptic feedback patterns that can be created with our patented HAPTICORE technology. Find out more about our HAPTICORE technology and the various haptic feedback patterns.

The HAPTICORE Arcade was an exciting project, providing lots of fun for the whole team.

Are you ready for a match too?

Contact us for a live demonstration and we’ll give you a live demonstration of how HAPTICORE is reinventing user experience.