1 Device – 1000 Applications

All haptic patterns can be adopted towards your needs through software, giving your product a unique and intuitive user experience, while the hardware stays the same. The following basic functions are just examples – you can easily program your own haptic patterns (using C).




You can set different amounts of „ticks“ matching your preferred force. It is also possible to combine different tick-patterns to generate a truly unique haptic experience.



By choosing the clockwise or counter-clockwise mode, you can turn the HAPTICORE knob in one direction only. The other direction is locked whenever you try to turn it.


Barrier Ticks

The barrier mode enables you to set a rotation rage to the left and right, for example limiting the rotation to +/- 90 degrees. Of course every other angle is also possible and can simply be set via software. In addition you can add “ticks” to the barrier as well.


Increasing force

The interstage mode is designed to be a comfort and safety feature where only a certain range of rotation is possible. Beyond that a barrier gives haptic feedback to ensure the user knows he is over the recommended limit. In increasing-force mode, the torque increases as the HAPTICORE knob is turned.

How it works

Our patented HAPTICORE controllers are using a ball bearing, filled with MRF – a mixture of a carrier fluid and magnetizable carbonyl iron particles. By applying a magnetic field, the fluid is changing its viscosity within milliseconds. The change of viscosity leads to an increase or decrease of torque.

Infinitely adjustable

MRF controllers can be adjusted continuously. If a basic strength is desired, this can be accomplished easily and efficiently by a specific combination of permanent magnets and electromagnets.

Fast reaction times

Resistive forces can be reversibly adjusted and changed within milliseconds. This opens up completely new possibilities for influencing the haptic feedback in real time and reacting to changed environmental conditions.