Our social and environmental responsibility

Agile, dynamic, disruptive – these are the strengths that characterize XeelTech as a born global and innovation driver and for which our customers and partners value us. Yet our success is based on a strong, down-to-earth foundation and a clear focus on our core values.

As a joint venture between two family-owned Austrian organizations, the responsible treatment of nature, resources, and people is deeply rooted in XeelTech’s corporate behavior.

At a glance

ISO 14001 certified

Our production facilities possess a certified environmental management system.

CO2-neutral by 2027

XeelTech production aims to be CO2-neutral (scope 1+2) by 2027.

Optimized administration

XeelTech continuously strives to optimize administrative processes and the required office and development materials.

Remote work

XeelTech provides various tools to support location-independent collaboration and to reduce business trips.

Job bike program

For an eco-friendly commute and a more active lifestyle, we offer our employees to participate in an attractive job bike program.

Small and large-scale commitment

At XeelTech, our activities are primarily focused on marketing and sales activities, administration as well as software development and customer integration.

However, even as a subsidiary, we strive to take our social and environmental responsibility seriously. This includes streamlining administrative processes, reducing the use of office and development materials, and planning business trips efficiently.

To achieve this, we have oriented all internal processes throughout the company towards decentralized, digital communication, allowing our employees to work together productively regardless of their location. Enabling employees to work from home and participating in a company bicycle program offers additional incentives to reduce individual mobility-based CO2 emissions.

Production-related sustainability

When it comes to the series production of our products, our customers can rely on continuous improvement and responsible operation, particularly in the areas of

  • energy efficiency,
  • energy consumption,
  • environmental compatibility of products and processes,
  • and the reduction of the strain on natural resources.

As our production sites are certified to ISO 14001, this includes the consistent monitoring and reporting to top management of the performance and goal attainment of the environmental management system.

This way our production aims to achieve CO2-neutrality (Scope 1+2) by 2027.


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