Next generation haptic force feedback

No vibration, no motor

HAPTICORE is our innovative haptic force feedback technology for rotary encoders in human-machine interfaces (HMI). Our HAPTICORE actuators provide fully customizable haptic feedback via software, making the operation of any HMI simple, safe and intuitive. To achieve this, we make use of our patented MR (magnetorheological) technology – no motor or vibrotactile actuator.

Every element of our haptic feedback, such as strength, number, and spacing of ticks, rotation resistances, or position of end stops, can be fully customized. This allows you to design custom-built tangible controls for a stronger physical connection with your user interface.


The HAPTICORE actuator consists of an outer shell and a stator. The outer shell rotates around the stator. The gap between the stator and the outer shell (MRM chamber) is filled with magnetorheological material.

The stator includes a hall sensor to detect the position of the rotor as well as a coil that turns into an electromagnet as soon as a current is applied to it.

  1. Without applying electricity to the coil, the outer shell can rotate uninhibited, allowing the HAPTICORE to spin freely.
  2. The electrified coil generates a magnetic field, which immediately changes the rheological state of the MRM and thus stops the actuators’ rotation.
  3. The rotation is detected via the hall sensor and a magnetic ring with a finer resolution than 0.1 degrees.
  4. By controlling the electricity’s duration and strength via software we can create our customizable haptic feedback patterns.

HAPTICORE operating principle

Software and hardware

perfectly aligned

To make your entry into the world of freely programmable haptics as easy as possible, we have created easy-to-use HAPTICORE software solutions.

Through the precise tuning of different parameters, you can quickly generate a variety of haptic feedback patterns, perfectly tailored to your products and your customers’ preferences.

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