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The best of two worlds

With our patented HAPTICORE technology, we set new standards for HMI operation and bring together the best of both the digital and mechanical world. HAPTICORE generates mechanical haptic feedback to assure a simple, safe and intuitive operation of human-machine interfaces (HMI).

Using our software solutions, it is possible to switch between various haptic feedback patterns in real-time and thanks to different sizes and performance characteristics, our haptic actuators can be used in a wide range of applications.

HAPTICORE Product Familys

Find the right encoder for your application

With a diameter of 14 mm and a weight of just 8.2 grams, HAPTICORE 14 is our smallest rotary encoder. The actuator is designed as a thumb wheel. However, it offers versatile application possibilities due to different covers and gearing options. The HAPTICORE 14 is designed for single-finger operation and the low base torque of less than 1mNm ensures comfortable operation, even during long-term usage.

Available HAPTICORE 14 Products


Experience the HAPTICORE 34 – the all-rounder in our product portfolio. Thanks to its customizable design and its adjustable performance, the HAPTICORE 34 can be used in almost any application. Designed for multi-finger to full-hand operation, our HAPTICORE 34 actuators generate strong haptic force feedback for a more intuitive and secure operation.

Available HAPTICORE 34 Products

The HAPTICORE 40 is our high-performance rotary encoder providing strong haptic feedback for whole hand or even gloved operation. Its extra robust design and reinforced shaft for particularly strong fixation ensure safe operation even in highly demanding environments and applications such as industrial machinery.

Available HAPTICORE 40 Products


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Experience the immersive haptic feedback of our actuators firsthand with the HAPTICORE Eval Kits.

Integrate our smart haptic technology into your prototype projects, replace conventional control elements and go beyond the limitations of traditional UI design.

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from prototyping to implementation

From the first tests with the HAPTICORE Eval Kits to serial production, our experienced customer interaction team is available for you.

In addition, we provide you with all the necessary information and our easy-to-use software solutions. This way, you easily get started in the world of freely programmable haptics.


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