Eval Kits

Haptic feedback must be felt to be understood

Experience HAPTICORE firsthand

While our info material, technical specifications, or demonstration videos provide you with a good idea of what our technology is capable of, nothing comes close to experiencing HAPTICORE technology firsthand. Therefore, we offer you HAPTICORE Eval Kits that allow you to try and test our revolutionary haptic feedback controllers.

Yet, we don’t simply provide you with only a HAPTICORE rotary encoder. With your Eval Kit, you also get access to our demonstration application, firmware, and software library, as well as extensive documentation and video tutorials. This way you can integrate the HAPTICORE technology in your prototypes or product mockups, create custom haptic patterns, and test it in use case conditions.


Eval Kit Bundle
  • Smallest HAPTICORE actuator with a diameter of 14 mm
  • Designed for HMIs operated with a single finger
  • Ready for first tests and the installation in your prototype
  • Designed as a thumb wheel
Eval Kit Bundle
  • Ultra robust with impressive performance
  • Designed for HMIs operated with the whole hand, gloves, or under extreme conditions
  • Ready for first tests and the installation in your prototype
  • Designed as rotary encoder
Eval Kit Combi Bundle
  • Combi bundle
  • Including HAPTICORE Control Unit Pro,
    HAPTICORE 14-P001X1, and HAPTICORE 40-P001X1
  • Ready for first tests and the installation in your prototype


Your entry into the world of fully programmable haptic feedback

The HAPTICORE Xperience software is your first step into the world of fully programmable haptics. Experience a haptic WOW effect when you use the Xperience application with our HAPTICORE Eval Kits.

  • Plug & play solution for our HAPTICORE Eval Kits
  • Basic and advanced modes for an easy start
  • Configurator function for customized haptic feedback

HAPTICORE Control Unit Pro

Your tool to design and evaluate haptic feedback

The HAPTICORE Eval Kits are designed for you to easily experience, develop and test our haptic feedback technology in your use case.

With the HAPTICORE Control unit Pro, we provide you with the development setup to build and test haptic modes on your computer, easily integrate the actuators with custom haptics into your prototype, and even test their performance and durability on your test bench.

Please note that the Control unit Pro is used only during the development stage and will not be required in the integration of any HAPTICORE actuator in serial production.


Learn more about our HAPTICORE technology and our software solutions, or check out our HAPTICORE Inspirations.

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