The all-new

More features, more innovation, and more insight into our revolutionary haptic feedback technology and latest products

On the 26th of April, we have launched our brand new website, completely rebuild from top to bottom with more insights and information into our technology, haptic feedback patterns, products, and demonstrators.

“The upgrade in our online presence reflects the growth we have undergone as a company in the last year. The all-new lets people dive deeper into our technology and the different types of haptic feedback our HAPTICOREs can generate. With the upcoming start of serial production, we can also provide more product data than ever before,” explains XeelTech COO Philipp Sachs.

Showing the full potential of the HAPTICORE technology

“With our HAPTICORE products, we bring something revolutionary to the global market. It is so much more than what meets the eye that its real value does not always become fully apparent without an explanation”, so Sachs. “To get an idea of the tremendous potential the HAPTICORE offers, our customers need to understand what they are looking at.”

The new aims to make our technology and its potential more transparent. This is especially true for the “HAPTICORE Technology” section. Here we provide extensive content and many videos to explain how our products work and reveal the secret behind our fully programmable mechanical haptic feedback. – Your gateway to become part of our haptic revolution

While haptic feedback has to be experienced in person, the last year has proven that it is more important than ever to present our products extensively online. Even though a website will never be able to recreate the tactile sensations people experience when using our products for the first time, we are on a mission to bring as much as possible to the digital world.

“ is the initial touchpoint for many of our customers. Here is where they get their first impression of the HAPTICORE technology before we have a chance to talk to them in person,” says Sachs. “It is where we create the fascination with our products that drives people to reach out to us to experience it first hand.”

But with the relaunch, the website is bound to become so much more than the initial point of contact. Throughout the process, from technology discovery to serial production, the new has grown into the central touchpoint for our customers. It is where you order technology demonstrators, compare and evaluate performance data, and later download software and documentation that allows you to integrate our products into prototypes. It is also where you will find CAD drawings to incorporate our serial products into your designs.

This is just the start!

“This is just the start! The webpage will continue to grow, and so will the features and insights we offer our customers”, adds Sachs.

Going forward, will be the center stage for all upcoming products and innovation projects, as well as the place to stay up to date on all news and events surrounding XeelTech. It will also be the first place to check out the latest products we launch with our customers.

So stay tuned to what we have waiting for you and make sure to keep coming back, so you won’t miss anything.

The HAPTICORE arcade – tech demo with retro flair!

The HAPTICORE Arcade impressively demonstrates the capabilities of our smart rotary encoders. While the first few seconds of the classic video game might seem banal, this impression immediately changes when the underground of the playground changes for the first time and you notice: this is no normal retro game console.

Viva Technology 2021: XeelTech at Europe’s biggest tech & startup event

HAPTICORE at VIVA Technology 2021: XeelTech presents revolutionary haptic technology at Europe's largest tech & start-up event.

Introducing the all new XEELTECH.COM

A brand new experience with more features, more innovation and more insight into our revolutionary haptic feedback technology and latest products.

Countdown to Viva Technology 2021

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Experience more features, more innovation, and more of our revolutionary haptic feedback technology than ever before.


XeelTech with technology innovation at Europe's largest trade show for consumer electronics.

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