HAPTICORE in kitchen appliances

Learn how haptics enhance the cooking experience and why smart kitchen appliances don’t always need a touchscreen.

Haptics in HMIs

Learn more about how integrating haptics into your next HMI makes operating your devices simple, safe, and intuitive.

Describing haptic feedback

Let’s talk about what you feel – well not on an emotional level… Let’s talk about why it is so hard to describe haptic feedback.

Haptics in gaming

Let us take you on a nostalgic tour through the history of haptics in gaming and discover what innovations the future may bring.

MR fluid exposed to a magnetic field. You can see how the particles link together, forming spikes that grow larger towards the center of the magnetic field.

Smart materials

SMA, MR & ferrofluid, electroactive polymer, piezoelectric & chromogenic material – smart materials that make products even more versatile.