XeelTech with technology innovation at Europe’s largest trade show for consumer electronics.

Together with CES in Las Vegas, the International Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA) in Berlin is one of the largest focal points for manufacturers of home and consumer electronics. In addition to global players such as LG Electronics, Huawei or Bosch, XeelTech, the Vorarlberg joint venture of INVENTUS and STIWA, also presented the new haptic device control HAPTICORE. Start of production in the Q2 of 2021!

“We launched HAPTICORE at the beginning of the year at CES in Las Vegas. The feedback we received was overwhelming and confirmed that our fully programmable haptic feedback technology does not yet exist on the market in this form. The interest in it was accordingly great. The IFA is also an excellent opportunity for us to present our product innovation to a broad professional audience,” say the two XeelTech managing directors Stefan Battlogg and Josef Brandmayr.

IFA – Excellent presentation platform with professional Corona security concept

Every year, IFA is visited by around 2,000 exhibitors and around 250,000 visitors, but this year the exhibition is limited to trade exhibitors due to COVID-19. “It is, of course, a small disappointment that we were unable to show our haptic feedback technology in-person to a large field of consumers this time around. Nevertheless, we were able to deepen our contacts with business partners and meet new interested parties,” reports XeelTech COO Phillip Sachs, who presented the new technology in front of a large audience at the IFA.

In this context, IFA was the first major trade show to be held under the COVID-19 banner. “The entire trade show was highly professionally organized; a big thank you for that. All tickets were personalized, and access to the halls was strictly monitored with check-in and -outstations at every exit. And the security concept on-site – from the spacing of the booths to the hygiene regulations – was also so sophisticated that a very high sense of security was guaranteed at all times among all exhibitors and visitors,” reports Sachs. Simultaneously, a very great effort was made to broadcast the trade show on all digital channels and create virtual trade show experiences to present the product innovations to a broad international audience.

XeelTech @ IFA Next Startup Pitches 2020

HAPTICORE: Product innovation that will reshape market standards

Today, XeelTech is getting ready for series production. “In recent months we have had intensive contact with potential new customers from a wide range of industries. We currently plan our first launch with a customer in an innovative industry in 2021. The aim is to use this revolutionary haptic feeling in all areas of life – from cars and industrial machinery to the gaming sector – across the board and regardless of industry,” say Brandmayr and Battlogg.

Start of serial production in Q2 2021!

While our products have similar features to conventional touchscreens or mechanical knobs, there is currently no other solution on the market that combines the flexibility of virtual controls with the operating convenience of a traditional rotary encoder as our products have. Hence, demand is correspondingly high in a wide range of industries,” says Battlogg. Production of HAPTICORE will start in 2021: “We have already won a first launch customer in a highly innovative industry. At the same time, we are looking forward to introducing this technology in all areas of life in the long term – from cars to industrial machinery and gaming,” say Battlogg and Brandmayr.

Banner image showing a notebook with the new HAPTICORE Eval Kit webshop open. Here customers can compare and order all Eval Kits of our rotary haptic actuator online.

HAPTICORE Eval Kits now available in new webshop!

Experience worldwide delivery & new payment options at XeelTech's new Eval Kit webshop for engineers, researchers & developers. Shop now!

XeelTech brings smart haptic feedback into Razer’s new gaming mouse – Naga V2 Pro

The Razer Naga V2 Pro introduces programmable haptic feedback of the scroll wheel thanks to the Razer™ HyperScroll Pro Wheel powered by XeelTech.

Viva Technology 2021: XeelTech at Europe’s biggest tech & startup event

HAPTICORE at VIVA Technology 2021: XeelTech presents revolutionary haptic technology at Europe's largest tech & start-up event.

New HAPTICORE Xperience V.3 launched

Experience more features, more innovation, and more of our revolutionary haptic feedback technology than ever before.


XeelTech with technology innovation at Europe's largest trade show for consumer electronics.
The image shows a notebook, a tablet, and a smartphone running the new xeeltech.com website. The website shows the HAPTICORE Logo and a rotary switch with XeelTech´s X-logo

Introducing the all new XEELTECH.COM

A brand new experience with more features, more innovation and more insight into our revolutionary haptic feedback technology and latest products.

Countdown to Viva Technology 2021

VivaTech is the world’s rendezvous for startups and leaders to celebrate innovation on the European continent and XeelTech is part of it.

XeelTech launches revolutionary product at CES in Las Vegas

Ready to take off: XeelTech kicks off the year 2020 with the launch of a new revolutionary haptic feedback technology at CES 2020.