XeelTech launches revolutionary technology at CES in Las Vegas

Ready to take off: XeelTech kicks off the year 2020 with the launch of a new revolutionary haptic feedback technology at CES 2020, one of the world’s most important and largest electronics trade fairs.

Be it controls for infotainment systems, gaming joysticks, computer mice, or universal operations for the household: these are just a few examples of applications that the new “HAPTICORE” rotary encoder with fully programmable haptic feedback will address in the future.  The new technology enables the user to vary the number of ticks when turning the encoder as well as the rotation resistance in real-time. Even a hard end stop is possible, for example when scrolling through a document to the end of the page. Complex human-machine interactions can be displayed intuitively and simply. Even blind operation is possible.

HAPTICORE: Product innovation for the global market

HAPTICORE is very intentionally launched for the first time at one of the world’s most popular consumer electronics trade shows, the CES. “The CES is the optimal stage for our intention. At present, there is no direct competitor to our technology. The demand for our product is correspondingly high in a wide range of industries. Moreover, every company wants to stand out from the market with product innovations. With our technology, they have the opportunity to do so,” report the two XeelTech CEOs Josef Brandmayr and Stefan Battlogg.

HAPTICORE: Product innovation for the global market

Today, XeelTech is getting ready for series production. “In recent months we have had intensive contact with potential new customers from a wide range of industries. We currently plan our first launch with a customer in an innovative industry in 2021. The aim is to use this revolutionary haptic feeling in all areas of life – from cars and industrial machinery to the gaming sector – across the board and regardless of industry,” say Brandmayr and Battlogg.

Banner image showing a notebook with the new HAPTICORE Eval Kit webshop open. Here customers can compare and order all Eval Kits of our rotary haptic actuator online.

HAPTICORE Eval Kits now available in new webshop!

Experience worldwide delivery & new payment options at XeelTech's new Eval Kit webshop for engineers, researchers & developers. Shop now!

XeelTech brings smart haptic feedback into Razer’s new gaming mouse – Naga V2 Pro

The Razer Naga V2 Pro introduces programmable haptic feedback of the scroll wheel thanks to the Razer™ HyperScroll Pro Wheel powered by XeelTech.

HAPTICORE in kitchen applications

Make operating your kitchen appliances simple, safe, and intuitive – with HAPTICORE, our rotary haptic feedback actuators.

HAPTICORE 3 Zone Scroll Wheel

The HAPTICORE 3-zone scroll wheel combines our haptic feedback technology and capacitive sensors for an even more intuitive menu navigation.


Experience the haptic feedback of our rotary haptic actuators with our HAPTICORE Arcade, our retro style tech demo.

Viva Technology 2021: XeelTech at Europe’s biggest tech & startup event

HAPTICORE at VIVA Technology 2021: XeelTech presents revolutionary haptic technology at Europe's largest tech & start-up event.

New HAPTICORE Xperience V.3 launched

Experience more features, more innovation, and more of our revolutionary haptic feedback technology than ever before.


XeelTech with technology innovation at Europe's largest trade show for consumer electronics.
The image shows a notebook, a tablet, and a smartphone running the new xeeltech.com website. The website shows the HAPTICORE Logo and a rotary switch with XeelTech´s X-logo

Introducing the all new XEELTECH.COM

A brand new experience with more features, more innovation and more insight into our revolutionary haptic feedback technology and latest products.