The world's first rotary encoder

with fully programmable

mechanical haptic feedback

unlimited different haptic feedback patterns

mechanical force feedback - no vibration, no motor

changes between patterns in real time

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Reinventing user experience

HAPTICORE is our innovative haptic force feedback technology for rotary encoders in human-machine interfaces (HMI).

What distinguishes us from any other rotary on the market is the ability to generate haptic feedback patterns via software.

One single rotary can create an unlimited amount of different haptic feedback patterns.

Enabling you to build the best control concept for your product:

intuitive, accurate, fast, and personalized!

Why hapticore is the right choice for you

  • Intuitive operation

    HAPTICORE adapts its haptic patterns to the input requirements of any menu entity in real-time. Adding perfectly tailored haptic feedback to every interaction for a safer, faster, and more intuitive user experience.

  • Full flexibility

    Our haptic feedback is fully programmable. This allows for haptic patterns specifically designed to your product’s needs and can be adjusted and personalized infinitely.

  • Fully customizable

    The HAPTICORE hardware can be adapted to fit your product (mounting point design, cover attachment mechanism, etc.). Allowing for easy integration into your current product design.

  • Energy efficient

    Our encoders are designed for efficient energy usage. Use in cordless devices is possible.

  • Small & lightweight

    Even though HAPTICORE controllers provide a revolutionary user experience traditional rotaries can’t compete with, they are still comparable in size and weight.

  • Durable

    Our devices are tailored and tested towards your requirements to ensure the highest quality standards – whether it’s millions of rotations, IP-ratings, temperature range, or any other combination of quality criteria.

Perfect for your application

Our technology’s flexibility makes it ideal for modern and intuitive user interfaces across many different industries.

Today we are working with our customers to integrate HAPTICORE encoder into user interfaces in consumer electronics and computer periphery products, DJ & professional audio/lighting equipment, white goods as well as medical devices, off-road vehicles, and industrial machinery.

We are your partner from start to finish

Our customer integration team offers end to end support for your projects


The HAPTICORE arcade – tech demo with retro flair!

The HAPTICORE Arcade impressively demonstrates the capabilities of our smart rotary encoders. While the first few seconds of the classic video game might seem banal, this impression immediately changes when the underground of the playground changes for the first time and you notice: this is no normal retro game console.

Viva Technology 2021: XeelTech at Europe’s biggest tech & startup event

HAPTICORE at VIVA Technology 2021: XeelTech presents revolutionary haptic technology at Europe's largest tech & start-up event.

Introducing the all new XEELTECH.COM

A brand new experience with more features, more innovation and more insight into our revolutionary haptic feedback technology and latest products.

Countdown to Viva Technology 2021

VivaTech is the world’s rendezvous for startups and leaders to celebrate innovation on the European continent and XeelTech is part of it.

New HAPTICORE Xperience V.3 launched

Experience more features, more innovation, and more of our revolutionary haptic feedback technology than ever before.


XeelTech with technology innovation at Europe's largest trade show for consumer electronics.

XeelTech launches revolutionary product at CES in Las Vegas

Ready to take off: XeelTech kicks off the year 2020 with the launch of a new revolutionary haptic feedback technology at CES 2020.



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