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Application Examples

The flexibility of our HAPTICORE technology makes it ideal for HMIs across a wide range of industries. Together with our customers, we integrate haptic feedback into user interfaces in various applications such as consumer products, equipment for professionals, industrial machinery, off-highway vehicles, medical devices, and more.

Every industry has its own challenges and problems. Therefore, in the following section, we share our experiences, and present use cases on how HAPTICORE can improve the user experience, both at work and at home.

From cooking nightmares to the dream kitchen

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Experience the immersive haptic feedback of our actuators firsthand with the HAPTICORE Eval Kits.

Integrate our smart haptic technology into your prototype projects, replace conventional control elements and go beyond the limitations of traditional UI design.

Image of the HAPTICORE Eval Kits, our evaluation & development kits, consisting of a rotary haptic actuator, mounted in a metal stand and equipped with a metal cover to use the HAPTICORE 14 as a scroll wheel and the HAPTICORE 40 as a rotary switch.


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