HAPTICORE 3 zone scroll wheel

Making 1 + 1 = 3

The HAPTICORE 3 Zone Scroll Wheel is an innovative combination of our haptic feedback technology and capacitive sensors, allowing for faster and more intuitive navigation between menu layers and settings.

Thereby the entire control element utilizes only a single HAPTICORE 14-P001X1, mounted to a solid scroll wheel cover, which is visually divided into 3 zones. The finger placement on the scroll wheel is mapped to a particular zone through capacitive sensors. Each zone can generate independent haptic feedback patterns, perfectly tailored to the interaction it is addressing in your user interface.

Furthermore, the scroll wheel possesses a push function, which can either be mapped to one of the three zones of the scroll wheel or can function as a single button across the whole control element. Finally, the e-field sensors even allow for gesture controls, providing an extra layer of possible input commands.

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Our recommended HAPTICORE product

The image shows the HAPTICORE 14-P001X1 from a side view, providing a good overview of the entire outer casing with the additional side bearing point for operation as a thumb roller, the three screw points for cover attachment, and the adapter to plug in the connection cable.

Small, discreet, and versatile

Our HAPTICORE 14 products impress with their small size yet excellent haptic feedback for single-finger operation. This allows the easy integration of haptic feedback into thumb wheels or flat turntables on panels and even surfaces.

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HAPTICORE 3 Zone Scroll Wheel

The HAPTICORE 3-zone scroll wheel combines our haptic feedback technology and capacitive sensors for an even more intuitive menu navigation.


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