About us

Who we are

XeelTech GmbH was founded in 2019 as a joint venture of STIWA GROUP and INVENTUS Holding GmbH. We specialize in the distribution and serial integration of our haptic feedback devices for human-machine interfaces to customers around the world.

Together we create revolutionary user experiences that find application in a wide range of industries, from computer peripherals to white goods, industrial equipment, and many more.

In XeelTech, we combine the years of experience, know-how, resources, development and production facilities of our two parent companies with the dynamic and fast-paced culture of a startup. This allows us to be agile and flexible in our customer projects and at the same time ensures the highest level of quality and production capacity.

The idea

We want to make user experiences truly immersive and intuitive.

Over the last decade, more and more user interfaces have moved away from mechanical input devices toward virtual controls. The benefits of this transition have been undeniable. User interfaces have become more flexible and user-friendly. But with this evolution, we have lost the tangible sensation in our user experiences, blinding one of our most important senses.

At XeelTech, we believe that great user experiences involve our visual, auditory, and tactile senses to be truly immersive and intuitive. While there are various technologies on the market trying to bring haptic sensations to touch screens with different levels of success, we are going a different route.

Our HAPTICORE  technology combines the flexibility of virtual controls with a tangible control element through our fully programmable haptic feedback. Creating a user experience that is perfectly tailored to every interaction and consistent across all three senses.


At XeelTech, our goal is to elevate user experience to the next level. We want to challenge the norm, think differently and encourage our customers to drive user-centricity and intuitiveness to new heights. We believe that this means to look beyond the obvious, rethink what has become standard, and make room for creativity and innovation. This mentality not only shapes how we create new products but also builds the foundation of how we interact with customers and work together as a team.

Our mission

“We disrupt the definition of modern user interface design with our revolutionary haptic feedback technology. Together with our customers, we create the most intuitive, user-centric, immersive user experiences.”



XeelTech combines the innovative power of the research and development company INVENTUS in MRF technologies with the know-how in mass production and industrialization of the high-performance and production automation specialist STIWA.

Their joined expertise allows us to design and produce our HAPTICORE products to the highest quality standards.



XeelTech Headquarter


XeelTech Engineering Office


Distribution Center China

Are you searching for a new challenge?

Then apply and become part of our dynamic team that revolutionizes haptic feedback together with customers from all over the world.  #jointhehapticrevolution

News & Events

The HAPTICORE arcade – tech demo with retro flair!

The HAPTICORE Arcade impressively demonstrates the capabilities of our smart rotary encoders. While the first few seconds of the classic video game might seem banal, this impression immediately changes when the underground of the playground changes for the first time and you notice: this is no normal retro game console.

Viva Technology 2021: XeelTech at Europe’s biggest tech & startup event

HAPTICORE at VIVA Technology 2021: XeelTech presents revolutionary haptic technology at Europe's largest tech & start-up event.

Introducing the all new XEELTECH.COM

A brand new experience with more features, more innovation and more insight into our revolutionary haptic feedback technology and latest products.

Countdown to Viva Technology 2021

VivaTech is the world’s rendezvous for startups and leaders to celebrate innovation on the European continent and XeelTech is part of it.

New HAPTICORE Xperience V.3 launched

Experience more features, more innovation, and more of our revolutionary haptic feedback technology than ever before.


XeelTech with technology innovation at Europe's largest trade show for consumer electronics.

XeelTech launches revolutionary product at CES in Las Vegas

Ready to take off: XeelTech kicks off the year 2020 with the launch of a new revolutionary haptic feedback technology at CES 2020.